New Beginnings

New Year, New You
New year, new beginnings. A fresh start with new resolutions on hand. 
We asked our own team members for their attainable resolutions of the year,
...and here's what they said:

"Stable growth and recognition for Outerboro"

"Spend quality time with family"

"Exercise more and lose weight!"

"Quit cancer sticks" (This might help with exercising more!)

"Good health and fortune for everyone" (let's crack open the fortune cookies shall we?)

"Learn a new language" (Japanese & Italian to be precise, Konichiwa!)

"Save up money for a house or travels"

"Get a scuba diving certification"

"Propose to my girlfriend of 6 years"  (A wedding on the way!)

What are your resolutions? Let's try to make it happen this year!
To new beginnings!

rebecca chen
rebecca chen